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Last time, we released an episode a few days late. This week we're releasing the episode a few days early. We are all about balance here at MDRT. Just like our guest, Baron Vaughn. Join Adam as he chats with Baron about important shit like what's the difference between single camera and multi-camera. Yeah. Important shit. Happy holidays, kids!

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Oh, sweet Bobby. Sweet, sweet Bob Gleeson. Adam's L.A. connection comes on the show to talk the BIZ, baby. Hollyweird. Werdowood. The Dream Factory. Like, for realzies. Take a listen as these two new Hollywood starlets gab their little heads off about their life as newly crowed stahhhhhhhrrrs! Oh, and Julia Robert's hideous legs.

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Geeks Who Drink's John Dicker is a man of many passions. He loves to challenge geeks nationwide with trivia and merriment. He enjoys some minor political discussion about 1970s presidential policies. And he loves being 40 and skateboarding on his own personal bowl and breaking his arm in the process. Like we say, many, many passions. Join Adam as he talks about the world of trivia with one of the most prominent nerds of our generation. Do you know what a rumble strip is for? Find out here!

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Hey, team! Do you know what time it is?! It's Sam Tallent time, of course! Adam sits down with Denver's number one DIY troubador to talk about life and dogs and all sorts of rock 'n roll lifestyle wonderment. Sam attacks life like he attacked those offensive linemen back in high school... or was it defensive? Either way, the man is a force, a force for funny and good in this world, and you should catch him any time you can when he comes to your town, on your couch, in your basement.

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Hi guys. This is Producer Taylor. I don't really get a chance to talk to you so I'm going to do so via this podacst description. I just want to say I'm sorry. I'm sorry to you guys, I'm sorry to Josh Blue, I'm sorry to Adam. This has been a real tough time for me, dealing with the loss of the first Josh Blue episode we recorded, and now the embarassment of losing part of the second recording. I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me, or at least to enjoy the 30-odd minutes of interview we did get with Josh, which are AWESOME. Adam and I both love Josh - he's a super nice dude and a super great comedian. We hope you enjoy this show, padded by a bit of Grawlix fun. And I promise - I'll do better next time. I will. Thanks for listening. Over and out. -Producer Taylor

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And now Adam welcomes the first musician to the show! Aaron Collins is the lead singer and songwriter of A. Tom Collins, and he was formerly the guitar player for Denver's legendary Machine Gun Blues. The dudes talk partying. Partying hard. Partying long. Partying till the sun comes up, or the ping pong table gets thrown, or your goddamn tooth gets knocked out. Listen to a couple songs resulting from Aaron's partying on this episode, and be sure to check out A. Tom Collins' new album, Stick & Poke.

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And now for Adam's first expert guest! Sexy Pizza and Denver Relief's Kayvan Khalatbari joins ACH to discuss flower (a.k.a. marijuana for the layman) and all the ways things are going down in Colorado, gettin high-wise. Kayvan is the man in Colorado marijuana industry and in the entreprenuer interested in supporting comedians industry. We hope you like the conversation! Be sure to check out Sexpot Comedy, that is if you ever get invited to the exclusive comedy event put on at Sexy Pizza South. 

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Chuck Roy. Denver Comedy's patron saint. The Man. The Myth. The Bear. The gentleman who left LalaLand behind and said no. Adam checks in with one of the titans of Denver comedy who happens to be a big fan of parks, sunsets, the board game Risk, and comparing comedy to all manner of other industries. Get all up inside the Hollywierd machine with Chuck, y'all. It's a mesmerizing ride!

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So guess what, guys? It turns out Adam co-created the High Plains Comedy Festival on August 23rd and 24th just so he could record his first live podcast! Not a terrible reason. Not a great reason either, but as you shall hear, the results were phenominal! Join your ole Denver-lovin' pal ACH as he chats with comedians Ben Roy, David Gborie, Kyle Kinane, Kurt Baunohler and special guest Marc Maron with an extra special appearance by Matt Braunger! Holy cripes! Meyhem ensues! Racial tension is released! Hotel secrets are revealed! Don't miss out, kiddos. It's a good one.

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Behold! The man! The myth! The legend of Ian Karmel! Can this powerful comedy beast of a man from Portland be real!? Of course he is, numbskull. Pull your head out of your ass... and listen in as ACH and the Mayor/Governor of Portland talk hometown loyalty, sports, music and whatnot.

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Adam takes a moment at the begining of this episode to remember his sister who passed away a year ago this month. He is then joined by Bryan Cook, maestro of mean, the principal of put-downs and the director of hey okay you can stop it now that was really uncalled for and you're hurting my feelings. Take a moment to listen as these two friends share stories and jabs, won't you?

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Back to back brother episodes? Really? Yeah, really. That's how we roll at MDRT. Evan and Adam Nix are two of the finest filmmakers around. They make The Grawlix web series with your boy ACH et al, and they filmed the pilot for Those Who Can't. So if you're looking for some kick-ass guerilla filmmakers in the muthaheffin Denver mist who moonlight as a fake German electro band, look no further.

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Adam's streak of superior guests continues with Randy and Jason Sklar. They are two of the coolest dudes going, and they also happen to be two of the twinniest brothers in comedy! Join these three sports nuts as they discuss the important things: baseball, comedy, John Elway and life.

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Well look who decided to have two female guests in a row!? ...It's Adam, you guys. Adam decided to do that. So... yeah... that's the answer to the question. Look, I don't know why you're still skateboarding around here all menacingly. I just told you. It's Adam Cayton-Holland. Yes. Comedian and interviewer extraordinaire. Yes. YES! Look, I appreciate your need for rebellion, but Adam sat down to talk to his pal and fellow stand-up comedian, Mara Wiles, and they hashed some shit out and y'all need to just be cooL with it! She has lupus, she had kidney surgery, she's doing much better, GET OVER IT FICTIONAL SKATE-PUNK KIDS! SHEESH.

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MTV's Nikki Glaser is a good pal of ACH's. She appeared in the pilot for Those Who Can't as his love interest, and funnily enough, love is one of their shared interests! Or at least love disgused as lust for stand-up comedians. Join Nikki and Adam as they discuss the wonderful world of makin' it, in every sense of the word.

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Holy moly, what a show! Adam traveled to the great state of Nebraska to perform on the OK Party Comedy kids' Crom Comedy Festival. While he was there, he grabbed up some audio interviews with comedians in various states of sobriety or lack thereof. On this episode there are interviews with Ian Douglas Terry, Timmy Williams, Zack Peterson, Bobby Crane, Ron Funches, Howard Kremer (who led everyone in a beautiful prayer circle), Davie Gborie, Stephanie Hasz, Sam Tallent, Chris Charpentier, Ben Roy and Sean Patton. How's about them apples?

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Adam talks to Mr. California, a.k.a. Chris Garcia about comedy in San Fran and L.A. and about dealing with real life shit on stage. The audio was a bit wonky on this one - y'all can blame Taylor... AND y'all can go suck yah own dicks.

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Erin Rollman and Brian Colonna are Denver theatre impresarios. They, along with their fellow Buntportians, have built one of the best and most consistently compelling theatre companies in the whole world. Adam talks to them about how they did it, and how their definition of success has everything to do with lifestyle and very little to do with fame and fortune... but also a lot to do with hardcore birdcage fucking. Like, hardcore. Seriously. Hard. Core.

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Andrew Orvedahl is the final member of the Grawlix to appear on MDRT - THERE SHALL BE NO OTHERS! Mostly because there are no others. Adam asks his pal Andy about his salad years filled with plastic surgery and 3 hour commutes to $7/hour jobs. Plus Twitter follower statistic gauntlets are thrown about with reckless abandon. Don't miss out on the carnage!

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In this, the third installment, Adam and comedian/podcaster Jonah Ray share a good dog talk. Oh, and they discuss stand-up, L.A. vs. anywhere else, and some band names get thrown around all willy nilly-like!

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The hilarious and gregarious Sean Patton joins Adam on episode two to discuss a lifetime of bedwetting and OCD... oh, and to make the funnies and shit-talk Hollywood.

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On Adam's first episode, he talks to comedian and fellow Grawlix member Ben Roy about sobriety, Denver, and how he can go all jiu jitsu on your ass while wrestling a gigantic snake!

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